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Store all of your references online in your private profile - Automated CV Creator - Qualifications Storage - Document Storage - Enter The Talent Pond

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All necessary documentation at your finger tips - Guaranteed up to date CVs - Instant access to credentials - Instant access to qualifications - Instant access to references - Access to Talent Pond

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Access up to date CVs - Instant access to credentials - Instant access to qualifications - Reference Tracing facility - Free Advertising facilities

“There is nothing as pathetic as tripping at the finish line. Don’t be the person that nailed the resume, inspired the recruiters and then stole away into the night without leaving contact information –– or even worse, leaving incorrect contact information. You also can’t forget to provide references upon request. It can make it a lot easier to provide references and find a job with Reference Pass..”

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Lisa, Teacher

I signed up for this platform because I experienced the issues with references.  But I noticed so much more to this platform and find the additional features impressive.  The free CV Builder is amazing for example and so easy to update.

Gio, Human Resources

I’ve never understood why I couldn’t have a copy of my references. Employer to employer and all that secretive stuff.  Now I have 12 references on my Profile ready to use and never have to worry about providing proof of my skills again.

Monica, Medical Services

I’ve been finding work through agencies for quite a while now and find it so irritating asking again for references every time I move job.  Now I have enough references on my profile ready to show on online and find especially useful  when I’m offered jobs by recruiters in this Talent Pond.

The RP Talent Pond

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The Consent Driven Platform

Reference Pass is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which shares our principles, giving individuals full rights, ownership and possession of their personal data.

This platform is dedicated to user confidentiality.

All of your documents, certificates, and references are safe and secure. Users have full authority to use this platform to take better control of your personal data.

Your data is safe, secure and always at your fingertips!

Use this platform to exercise control over who views your personal information.  If you want to keep your profile and data private, this is the place for you. 

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