About Us

Info Secure is a solutions based organisation originally established to:

  1. Make the process of reference requesting, reference checking and reference transfers quicker and easier.
  2. Provide a platform that allows references to be received by the individual rather than an agency, a potential employer or other third party giving the individual full  control and possession of the document.
  3. Provide a platform that stores references as well as other documents for further future use.  This is the alternative to the current system that has job seekers request the same reference multiple times each time a job application is made.
  4. Provide a platform that allows individuals to securely transfer a reference on demand at the press of a button to potential employers without the need for a third party in the transaction.

Info Secure Ltd. is dedicated to creating a world where personal data is accepted and treated as though it is owned by the individual, which it is.  On the premise that personal data is owned by the individual it connects to, it then stands to reason that data is property and as such we believe that personal data should be owned and kept in the possession of the person.  There are very few reasons for another entity to hold the data of any individual and those that do should be challenged.

The platform came to be known as referencepass.com

Referencepass.com is capable of

doing more than store, secure and safely transfer references. 

All users are issued with a personal profile in which user is able to secure and interact online in a safe manner.

Explore the site to see the many features to having a RP Number.

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