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Save time, Save money

Reference Pass makes placing

candidates into jobs easier

than ever before.

Up to Date CVs

No need to ask if CV is up to date

Like a diary, Cvs are not static on User Profiles

  • A candidate wouldn’t enter the pond with an old CV
  • CVs are amendable through their profile keeping them relevant
  • CVs can be viewed online without permission
  • No more need to email former candidates to ask for updated CV


Reference Trace facility

Know who sent it

All referees are part of The Employers’ Union

  • References are submitted through platform and stays on the candidate’s profile
  • Referee has a profile that can be checked
  • Candidates cannot access, read or manipulate references
  • Check who sent it by visiting referee’s profile

Fully Prepared Portfolios

Everything needed for immediate start.

Profiles contain all the documents required for employment:

  • CV
  • Qualifications
  • ID
  • Work permits (If required)
  • References new and older
  • ID
  • Proof of address 


Reference Request facililty

Lighten the workload

This platform specialises in references.

  • Request references directly through your profile by inputting email addresses provided
  • Send request simply by using employer’s RP Number (if referee is already registered)
  • Candidates can request own references saving agents a lot of time
  • Recruiters receive notification when requested reference is submitted

Instant References

Waiting for a reference is archaic

The time it takes to obtain references is missed earnings for both recruiter and candidate.

  • References are already available on profiles
  • Date and time stamped (authenticity)
  • Instantly accessible with a click
  • Accessible to employer (if necessary)
  • Traceable for authenticity



Access to The Talent Pond

Candidates waiting to be found by you

If a picture is 1000 words, a RP Profile = infinity!

  • Select Country
  • Select sector/industry
  • See who is looking for that job now
  • Nail it down to the ideal candidate, you have access to a whole profile of information.

Unlimited Access to The Talent Pond

  • The RP Talent Pond is only accessible by agencies who are a part of The Global Recruitment Agency Network and it is a useful source in finding fresh jobseekers, of all talents, worldwide.

  • When a recruiter finds a candidate, the relationship formed is strictly between jobseeker and agency.

 Reference Pass plays no part and charges no finders fees.  All agencies on the network are free to roam and fish the pond.

Candidates manually submit their profiles into the talent pond. 

Access only permitted to Recruiters! Be sure to register first!

Are you looking for a candidate?

This platform is global

Can’t find a suitable candidate in the Talent Pond?

Post your job for free on the Reference Pass Job Board.

Non members of the network may post jobs (posts will be checked before published)

  • No charge to post a job
  • No commission due to Reference Pass when you find your new candidate
  • No pay per click charges 



References are CONFIDENTIAL and secure. Jobseekers cannot see their own references, they can only transfer them to you for viewing.

References are serious documents and should be treated as such. There is a protocol associated with the handling of references, as in the real world it is unlikely that employees see their references. follows the same system restricting jobseekers from viewing references which upholds the integrity of the file.
This measure also gives confidence to employers to write an honest account of their former employee.

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You can expect candidates to have their CV/Resume, Qualifications and references instantly available to you on their profiles.

Thank you for your listing.

Thank you for visiting this platform giving our community a chance to apply.

Your job post here is very much appreciated by us and more so, by our Job Seekers.  

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We aim to publish your job within 3-5 days.

If you have any information to share with Reference Pass that is not for public. Anything written here will be kept private.

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