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Once a reference is provided through the platform, you will never be

asked again.

Welcome to The Employers’ Union

Your Business Profile

A compliment to your website

A focused online presence dedicated to your existing customers.

  • A mini website where visitors can grab quick info and updates
  • A hub for customers to find downloads
  • An ideal way to provide each of your branches a dedicated web presence
  • A direct channel for reference requests to be made to your business


Provide References Once

Know who sent it

As an employer, you understand the power of a reference. As a union member, you have the responsibility to provide honest accounts of your former employees.

  • Write references once and never have to repeat the task
  • References are submitted through platform and stays on the candidate’s profile
  • Candidates cannot access, read or manipulate their references
  • Employers have the confidence to be truthful with answers
  • Candidates are able to reuse references in future instead of asking again.


Business RP Number

How to Use

A private way to communicate with existing customers.  

  • Your profile can only be viewed by platform users
  • A separate channel to communicate with existing customers separate from the general public
  • The best way to offer exclusive offers and deals to existing customers, separate from new customer campaigns.
  • Subscribers to your profile give your business exclusive ways of communication
  • Each RP number can represent a different branch or a different member of staff



Reference Request facililty

Trust Union Members

This platform specialises in references.

As an employer, you rely on the information given through references. Union members know the trust put to them to provide honest accounts of their former employees.

  • Request references directly through your profile by inputting email addresses provided
  • Send request simply by using employer’s RP Number, if referee is already a member of the union.
  • Facility available to invite an employer to The Employer’s Union.
  • You receive notification when reference is submitted.  The reference will reach the candidate’s profile.

Free Advertising & Job Posting

Unbelievable opportunity

Expose your business to our platform users

  • Your existing customers can visit your profile for any updates
  • Subscribers to your profile will receive notifications whenever you make a new deal or offer.
  • Make new campaigns as regular as you need and bring existing customers back through your doors.
  • Post jobs with automatic publishing
  • Business Pages (Launching October) will feature your profile for new users to explore.

Customer Service Facility

Serving your existing customers

Businesses dedicate more time into gaining new customers rather than following up on the existing

  • Dedicate your Business RP Profile to existing customers
  • Encourage repeat custom
  • Provide downloads for any updates required.
  • Provide news on your profile to keep interest in your services

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Are you looking for new employees?

This platform is global

Post your job for free on the Reference Pass Job Board.

  • No charge to post a job
  • No commission due to Reference Pass when you find your new employee
  • No pay per click charges 

We appreciate your contribution to the job board giving our users opportunities to find jobs easily with no strings attached and hoops to jump through.

Thank you



References are CONFIDENTIAL and secure. Jobseekers cannot see their own references, they can only transfer them to you for viewing.

References are serious documents and should be treated as such. There is a protocol associated with the handling of references, as in the real world it is unlikely that employees see their references. follows the same system restricting jobseekers from viewing references which upholds the integrity of the file.
This measure also gives confidence to employers to write an honest account of their former employee.

Employer Job Posting Bay

Welcome Member

Your Job Post will be published within 3 Working Days.  

You can expect applicants to have their CV/Resume, Qualifications and references instantly available to you on their profiles.

Thank you for your listing.

Thank you for visiting this platform giving our users a chance to apply.

Your job post here is very much appreciated by us and more so, by our Job Seekers.  

As you are not a member of 'The Employers' Union', your listing will be verified before publishing. 

We aim to publish your job within 3-5 days.

If you have any information to share with Reference Pass that is not for public. Anything written here will be kept private.

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