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CV Builder

Asking for advice on how to make your CV is a thing of the past.  Your CV is created automatically when you set up your RP Profile.

All you need is your RP Number to access the platform.

Your RP Profile

Your CV, documents, qualifications, ID and references in one place ready to share

Your Documents are protected

Without your permission, visitors CANNOT view a document.

From Our Users

Making it that little bit easier to communicate with future employers.

“I like to travel light, preferably with just my mobile.  Having my profile on my phone means I always carry my credentials. I should work for ReferencePass with all the people who joined after seeing me use it smile


“I travel a lot for work and study and having all my documents together, neatly labelled and ready to show on demand is a fulfilled dream.  I used Dropbox before I found Referencepass and my life is noticeably better ”


“This platform is just what I’ve been waiting for especially in the world today when personal data seems to be abused in so many ways, it’s scary.  Now I never email my documents, only show it through Reference Pass”


“I’ve been finding work through Agencies for quite a while and find it so irritating asking again for references every time I move job.  Now I have my references on my Profile which I now show like a routine”


Why this platform is unique

Some applications allow you to store documents.  Some sites give a solution to share documents.  This is the ONLY platform dedicated to requesting references and storing all documents in one place on a permission based system, giving the human right to privacy back to the individual citizen.

For security, users need a RP Number to access this platform.

Your CV

Your CV is a main feature of your RP Profile and can be viewed openly by anyone who visits your Profile.  Your permission is not required.

Your CV is built automatically once you complete your Profile and it is like a diary to be kept up to date as you engage in skill based activities in your life.

Your RP Number

Your RP Number is the code that identifies you and how you are found on the platform. Without sharing your RP Number with others, it is IMPOSSIBLE for your Profile to be found.

Ready for your interviews

Didn’t carry the right document?

Never an issue when you know all your documents are on your RP Profile.  


With a RP Profile

You can be comfortable in any situation.  You know you are likely to be more prepared than your competitors.

Uniting Nations


We take pride

Making the sharing of information, streamlessly easy.  No matter how far or wide, one click and it’s shared!

You can secure a job abroad without leaving your own country.

All you need is your RP Number to access this platform.