How to ask for a reference


This can be a challenge, especially when thinking of who to ask and the best way to approach the subject.




You have done the hard part. Filled in the application, showed your credentials and proved you qualify for the job.  Even the interview goes well.

Don’t make references stop you from getting that job.  After all, you were not the only one interviewed and now it’s a race against time.

There is a way to speed things along.  Find out how.

Get references FAST

It is likely you have asked for references before.  It’s nothing new but always a hassle.  Asking for a reference should be a one time event.  This unique platform allows you to own your references to be used again and again, giving you control of something that belongs to you.


  • Personal Super Secure Profile  (Sealed)
  • Easy automated email solution to request references – the platform does all the work
  • Secure online inbox that receives and houses your references (Sealed)
  • Secure online folder to hold all your documents (Sealed)
  • Platform using technology allowing you to show documents without giving them away.

 Download Prevention  Platform

Your documents are secured and protected under GDPR regulations.  Reference Pass is a tool to help users gain and keep ownership of their own data.

In the innovative world we live today, career change is a common occurrence.

Now more than ever, references need to cover the many skills we pick up during our work life.

The RP Platform gives you the opportunity to own your references to share again and again in future.

Now changing job can be a smooth process


I was so happy to receive a reference request this way and supplying it was quick and simple.  Now I insist on using this platform.

D. Anderson

Supervisor, Option 2 Buy Ltd.

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