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If you want to secure that new job, then a strong job reference is a must. It is a powerful tool to make use of.  Reference Pass gives tremendous opportunities to our users who are in need of  references. We do realise how hectic it can be to ask for a job reference multiple times. Not just hectic, but it can be pretty embarrassing too, asking for the same thing over and over again. This is the reason why you can trust our reference providing services, where your problem will be solved within seconds.

Job Search

You need a CV, proof that you qualify for the job and references to clarify you are the right candidate for the position.

Reference Pass Platform

You get a Free CV Builder with your account that can be completed in minutes.  A Profile that holds all your qualifications & certificates in one place. Access to an Automated Reference Requestor.  Enter the email of your previous employment & an automated service requests references for you.

Now you are prepared to apply

You have an online Profile with your CV, Certificates, ID & Proof of address, and all your references instantly available ready to share.


In the innovative world we live in today, career change is a common occurrence.

Now more than ever before, references need to cover the many skills we pick up during our work life

The RP Platform gives you the opportunity to own your references to share again for all future employment.


Now changing job can be a smooth process.

How many times have you provided 3 references for a new job?

Job references play a vital role in boosting the job portfolio and almost every other person relies on them. At Reference Pass, a platform has been dedicated to the employers who can submit references for a certain employee. There are no hard and fast rules, and everything happens in a swift manner.

Where are those references now?

Getting a reference with ‘Reference Pass’ is not really a complicated process. In fact, our services will be loved by job seekers who are tired of asking for references again and again. If you think you are bothering people by asking them for a job reference, then you have come to the right place.

Give former employers and teachers a platform to submit your references

Here is an example of how the platform looks when you login.  Your references are stored on what is called a RP Profile.

When you sign up, you get your own RP Profile.

The Process

Asking for references the first time

We are here to make everything easier for you.  The platform asks for references on your behalf. It follows a professional approach to request for your job reference and then saving it on your profile for future use. Yes, it is that simple! No need to stay up all night thinking that you are being annoying.

Asking for references again

Reference Pass not only does the job for you, but will notify you when your reference has been completed.

The reference is stored on your Profile, forever. 

Your references are ready to share with your future employers whenever you need to.  This means you will never have to ask for references again.

Are you bothering people?

Reference Pass is devoted to make the whole job applying process convenient for you so you won’t have to miss another good job opportunity or study placement.

We have also made it a pleasant experience to those who write references.  Writing a reference is time consuming.  Not on this platform, it takes minutes.

So. Never feel you are bothering people with Reference Pass.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

With a RP Profile containing your CV, experiences, qualifications, certificates, proof of address and all your references.  You have the tool to share your credentials instantly with a touch of a button, whether the job is close-by or across the globe.

At least half of your competitors are tackling hurdles but you are ready for action. You have found the quick solution.

What makes YOU stand out from the rest?

The art of knowing who you are with a Profile that tells others who you are.

The way you present yourself and the speed you deliver your credentials.

With Reference Pass, you have all your documents, ID and references always ready to share when necessary.

Job seekers

For every job advertised

RP Platform Signature Process

See the procedure on how your documents are sealed.  Using this platform gives you full control of your data.  You do not offer your documents for copying, downloading or to be printed.

This is the Show Once Only platform for your online documents.



GDPR driven platform

This is an unique platform.  It allows you to fully control how your documents are treated online.

Visitors to your Profile can only view a document after asking for your permission to view the document.

You decide who sees your information and who doesn’t.

“I don’t like asking for references. I was so happy to discover this platform does that part for me.  All I had to do was find out the email addresses of my past employers”


“Updating my CV was the thing slowing me down.  This was the easiest part when I got my RP Profile.  Now I keep my CV up to date as I go..”


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