Reference Pass Vs Indeed

This is a blog to help gain a real understanding what Reference Pass is, the facilities it offers and the benefits to its community.

Firstly it should be known that Reference Pass is a self service platform, the whole system is automated.  It is an environment primarily for employers, recruiters and job seekers to take care of necessary paperwork speedily and with convenience.

Many consumers of Reference Pass and those thinking of joining the RP Community often compare the platform to Indeed.  Such a comparison has come about since the global pandemic, when Reference Pass lent additional support to its users by adding a job board.  The RP Team also actively seek for job opportunities for its members.  Finding jobs and sharing them with the community was an expansion of services.

The Indeed Comparison

It is truly absurd to hear people mentioning Indeed when discussing Reference Pass.  Indeed is said to be the No. 1 Job Seeking website with 100s of millions of visitors to their site daily.


Reference Pass is a young platform and it is not a job seeking website at its core.  Although only established two years ago, this start up has already this year helped over 3000 people into work.  However, the Reference Pass model is very different to Indeed and therefore has no ambition to compete in the field of job adverts.  Advertising jobs is an additional feature, one of many offered by Reference Pass.

Reference Pass is the Home of The Global Recruitment Agency Network

Reference Pass is not a recruitment agency and it is not based on advertising jobs.  The platform specialises in job reference requests and giving former employees ownership and possession of their references so they can use them again and again in future career changes. 


A good reference can be more powerful than a qualification

On top of that, users store their qualifications and credentials on their profiles for simplicity and with the option to instantly share documents with potential employers and whoever else needs that information.  This saves time on both sides and gives RP Users an advantage over other applicants who do not have their documents already online and organised.

The preparedness of the RP Community with all paperwork ready and available, in theory, these users could walk into a job on the same day they apply.

Speed is key!

The platform cuts out the wasted time spent on:

  • candidates uploading and emailing qualifications.
  • candidates providing referees.  This means recruiters and employers need to contact those referees for references. And we all know how long that could take.
The time it takes to go through this process is time that the candidate could’ve been already in the job earning.


This is quite appealing to recruiters – a recruiter has access to the RP Talent Pond. This is where job seekers can submit their profiles.  When a recruiter has a job to fill, they can do a simple search to view matching profiles.  If the resume fits, the recruiter can make contact with the candidate by sending a request to view relevant documents needed for the job (if any):

Everything requires permission



proof of work status

job references

Documents Safe & Secure

With all this information readily available to recruiters from candidates all over the world, the platform became global and the one stop shop for recruiters – becoming home of The Global Recruitment Agency Network.

The Consent Driven Platform

 Users decide who sees their information and who doesn’t.        

The advantage goes to the individual


  1. You are always aware of the identity of the person who views your data because you receive a request to view.
  2. You can choose to show documents rather than transfer documents into someone else’s possession.
  3. You can choose to deal with all your document transactions through the safe environment of the platform, rather than send documents to someone’s email box.  People should treat all their data as sensitive information.  This platform helps individuals keep their personal data secure in the online world.



Indeed has 100s of millions of visitors looking for jobs every day.  However, still people are looking for jobs, this means Indeed cannot help everybody all of the time.

If everyone visits one place, you cannot expect that everyone will get what they want.  When everyone goes one way, maybe it’s a better idea to try alternatives.

As the most popular site in the jobs marketplace, it would be bad advice not to use Indeed, of course there could be a job there good for you.  There are millions of jobs on Indeed and for another organisation to try to compete would be madness and inadvisable.

Is there a downside to depending on Indeed?  Well, each job they advertise will also be seen by everyone else.  Job seekers  have a lot of competitors looking at the same job and what more, Indeed also sends these jobs via email making sure competitors see the job.  This equation finds many people spending many months applying for 100s of jobs with no luck, but yet they continue using the same tactics.

Would I turn to Indeed if looking for a job?  Hell yes, I imagine Indeed helped a million people find a job last month.  Maybe I would of been one of the million.  


Reference Pass

Reference Pass is more of a personal platform that gives that personal touch to its community members.  Originally just a platform for users to obtain job references as quickly and hassle free as possible.  It also provides the facility to show references to employers & recruiters through the profile, but its users wanted more interactive features.  So Reference Pass gave more.. It expanded the RP Profile into a fully packed portfolio where files could be stored safe and secure.  Using the platform is a great job tip in preparedness.

Reference Pass turned the whole job finding process on its head by switching what happens on the hunting grounds.  Instead of people looking for jobs, the platform is set up to be a place where jobs find people.  Here, recruiters do the looking and it works! The RP Talent Pond

The advantage over Indeed is that the jobs on Reference Pass may not appear on other platforms, especially as there are no  charges to employers for posting jobs.

The disadvantage is that Indeed will of course have millions of jobs, as jobs is their speciality.  There is no competition.

Would I turn to Reference Pass if looking for a job?  Reference Pass found more than 847 jobs for its Community Members in September. Nothing in comparison to Indeed but it is something for those people in those 847 jobs.  I’m sure those people also tried Indeed with no luck, so for that reason.. Hell yes!

Final Thought!

These are very different platforms but they do share at least one common goal, to help people to find jobs.

They are not competitors and I’m sure Indeed isn’t even aware of Reference Pass.  There is no comparison to make.  However, it would be a breakthrough if both could collaborate.

If Indeed were to accept the RP Number as a substitution or an alternative option to their Upload CV facility, it would be a game changer to the fluidity of job search.

Give Reference Pass a try

The RP Team is constantly finding ways to bring benefits to the RP community. People are different and some people find it hard to put themselves forward to be found by a recruiter. This is easily done by submitting your RP Number into the Talent Pond which is completely free.  Some people avoid recruiters because they take a cut from salaries.  In reality, people can still earn good money through recruiters and many jobs are found faster this way.  Also, many employers only use recruiters and there is no other way to get that job.  Look at teachers, schools only use recruitment agencies.

Job seekers are looking to facebook and other social media platforms in search for jobs, many of which are questionable.  There are jobs being advertised that are aimed to the desperate and the question is:  Are social media platforms a place to find a job?

Although Reference Pass is not primarily a job advertiser, it has adjusted by offering a job board for the RP Community.  It was set up to contribute towards getting as many job seekers back to work as quickly as possible.  It does this by allowing real employers to post jobs for free.  If you are an employer click here to post a job or give an apprenticeship opportunity.  As a form of appreciation for helping the RP Community it is completely free, employers should not be charged for offering jobs.

The RP Team has taken a further step by reaching out to employers.  In response to the needs of its users, many of which are students and people seeking apprenticeships, the team tries to speak out.  Employers are asked if some of the jobs they post can be split from full time to part time which would turn one job into two.  This incentive is to help students and people living lives that make it difficult, and in some cases impossible to do a full time job.  Bigger companies that require many employees, the team asks for some of those positions, a small % to be made into apprenticeships to kick start part qualified inexperienced individuals on the path to a career.

In spite of the comparison made, it is hard to describe exactly what Reference Pass is because the platform does many things.  The title describes it as “All Employment Solutions on One Platform” which is a true description but once you use the features, you discover it can be used for solutions outside of employment.  A topic for another blog!

Become a member of the RP CommunitySpecial Offer - 40 Day Free Trial

Reference Pass is more of a movement that stands for the equality of the individual and the right to protect ones own personal data. To basically stop organisations from possessing your data when it is unnecessary.  The whole platform was built based on GDPR which is why all features and file transactions require permission and authorisation by the individual who owns the data.  The platform’s USP is that it only allows documents to be shown once (only) on the device of the requester and if they wish to see it again, they have to ask you again.

Reference Pass is always welcoming new visitors to join the RP Community and make use of the many features of the platform.  There is a 40 day free trial going on – take advantage. And if you are a job seeker – Enter The RP Talent Pond – This is the icing for Reference Pass where recruiters could find you at the most unexpected moment.

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