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References prove the skills and experiences you achieve throughout your life and could be that little bit extra to make you stand out to recruiters and employers.




Good references can be more powerful than qualifications.

As a student, finding a good job can be a challenge. But why?

Many jobs want people with experience which isn’t fair.  How can you get experience if you’re not given a job to gain experience?

Qualifications are important but sometimes they are not enough to secure a job.


Where can you get references?

You are in the perfect place.  College or University!

Ask your teachers to submit references onto your profile.  Take it even further and make contact with your school teachers.

Have you worked before?  Use the platform to send emails to your former bosses.  They will receive instructions on how to submit a reference to your profile.

“There is nothing as pathetic as tripping at the finish line. Don’t be the person that nailed the resume, inspired the recruiters and then stole away into the night without leaving contact information –– or even worse, leaving incorrect contact information. You also can’t forget to provide references upon request. It can make it a lot easier to provide references and find a job with Reference Pass..”

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Looking for a job?

Are you tired of job searching and rather a recruiter finds you?  This platform is where recruiters fish for candidates to fill their work placements.  Enter the pond and increase your chances to be found.

The RP Talent Pond

Where recruiters fish for talent

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