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Your CV is put in front of registered recruiters from established agencies.  This is where recruiters fish to find people  looking for jobs.  Your profile is all you need to secure your next position.

Users have full control of their profile content.  Only CV and pictures are viewable without consent.

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Missing information is unattractive to recruiters.  It defeats the purpose of a speedy process.

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When you find a job, be courteous to others by removing your profile.  Keep the pond clean, it also helps our statistics.

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Your RP Number is a unique code that identifies your RP Profile.  It is the driving force behind showing your documents to recruiters and employers in a secure and safe environment.

The RP Number allows you to show your documents instantly.  The organisation that wants to see your document must know your RP Number.

Once you share your code, only then can a request be made for your permission to view a particular document.  If you grant permission, your document will be displayed in a way that deters copying, downloading or printing your document.


XTRA Secure

This is a confidential platform.  Only registered users can visit profiles.  Only registered recruiters, employers, businesses and educational institutions are able to engage with you.

Protect your rights

This platform is GDPR Compliant and all organisations that use this platform must follow the guidelines not to attempt to obtain a hard copy of users data as it is a violation.

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