New Facebook Page launch for Expiring Job Posts

New Facebook Page launch for Expiring Job Posts

Reference Pass has decided to transfer the jobs that are soon to expire on its website to it's new Facebook page. This is a move that takes care of the task of providing a newsletter each month. Facebook is a good platform for such tasks as posting in order to keep...

Let’s Work Together!

Have you heard of blockchain technology?  Of course you have but do you know the relevance and how it relates to Reference Pass?

Blockchain Technology and Reference Pass

Reference Pass & Blockchain

Blockchain Principals

It is safe.  It is permanent.  It is secure.

According to Foxx Black, CEO of Tally-Ho, the blockchain is a reboot of technology that has been used for centuries. It is a ledger, basically. The only difference is, it is now out of the hands of the governing bodies and those who wish to control people.

Decentralisation is the word on the lips of those who are looking for freedom and it means, for the people by the people. Much like Reference Pass which is decentralised and strictly confidential. Privacy is everything and Tally-Ho follows the same principles. This is why Reference Pass and Tally-Ho have partnered to continue the journey to freedom and it is up to communities to join forces with innovative technologies and ideas.

Financial Freedom Tally Ho

Tally-Ho & Blockchain

Conversation with Tally-Ho CEO

Mr. Black states that there is a need for blockchain technology in order to take control of our own personal information and also to maintain sovereignty over ourselves.

The world is heading into unchartered territory when every movement, every payment, every pay cheque is being monitored.  The whole point of ridding the world of cash is because it makes it easier for governments and other authorities and companies to take away the finances of the masses without any form of communication.

Tally-Ho is using services in the real world that involve paper and putting it into a system where it can never be lost, stolen or destroyed.  It also secures information on who truly owns information protecting human rights.  The way is operating is  innovative, and the infrastructure meets the task.


Tally-Ho Partnerships

Community Building and Effective Marketing

A bridge tallying community to community

Tally-Ho has been focused on developing partnerships and bringing communities together with the intention to meet common causes.  Each month a lifestlyle Newsletter is sent out to their subscribers and to the shared communities that have joined the community togetherness incentive.  Reference Pass is happy to be a part of this incentive and will deliver the Tally-Ho Newsletter to our 120,000+ users monthly.

Tally-Ho will be forming 200 new partnerships to begin 2022 with the aim to connect one million people by the end of the coming year.

We asked what is the reason for bringing communities together:

The end of 2021 has been dreadful for marketing.  People are not convinced by the same claims being repeated over and over by projects that are either similar or direct copies.  Trust is dwindling and 2022 is going to start much worse with marketing budgets sky high with no results to show for such expenditure.  Tally-Ho will charge for inclusion in each monthly newsletter but we will not charge our partners in 2022 offering Free Exposure for 12 months.  We do require all partners to be doxxed by us to give our subscribers peace of mind.  Projects we list can be  recognised as credible and our readers know that checks were made.  We pride our doxxing because it is both discreet and efficient.

Choosing Reference Pass as the foundation for doxxing clients definitely ensures discreetness and confidentiality.

Partnership & Innovation

Reference Pass and Tally-Ho have agreed to work together for the benefit of both our communities.  Our joint teams will provide safe platforms for users when it comes to confidentiality and keeping personal information out of reach, unless user permits.

Tally-Ho offers a notary and copyright service.  They are currently expanding their services to be remotely accessible on their website.

Users can have themselves doxxed through Tally-Ho.  Doxxing is a term to verify someone’s identity to gain further credibility by others when they offer certain types of services that require trust.

In order for Tally-Ho to provide their Doxxing Services, they have chosen Reference Pass as the ideal platform where documents can be verified in a safe environment giving protection and confidence to their customers.

The Doxxing Service will be hosted on Reference Pass and all transactions will take place on this platform.  Once a Reference Pass account is opened, the issued RP Number is required by Tally-Ho to proceed with doxxing.  The expertise of the team fits perfectly for verification services and the CEO is a great guy with over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur.  Also quite well known as a teacher in London, he has good knowledge in many fields and answers questions without having to pause in thought.  He leads a great team with three partners at the helm.

Doxxing Service and Identity Protection is only the first collaboration between our two decentralised organisations.  Future joint projects are already in discussions.  Watch this space.

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After registering on this platform, users will receive a RP Number along with a Reference Pass Account.   Payment ID is sent to email once payment is made.