The Best Way To Share Documents Online

If privacy and security is important to you, there’s one way to ensure your confidentiality is held paramount.



How many times this year alone have you emailed sensitive documents?

Where are those files now?  In someone’s email archive maybe.  There’s a better way!   Good house keeping starts here.

Files are never sent

If your intention is to share files but you rather to only show it to a third party instead of giving it away, this is the best way to share files online.

Your data is your data so don’t give it away, keep hold of it.

Visitors ask for your permission to view files

Your profile visitors decide which documents or files they wish to see and request to view them.

  • You receive notifications when a request is made to share a file.
  • It is your choice whether to grant or deny permission with a simple click.

The file can only be viewed once, your permission is not continuous.

Permission granted. Visitor can only view the file ONCE

If you grant permission, your file(s) will be instantly viewable to the requestor.  Only the file(s) you grant permission for will be accessible.  In this case, Driving Licence is not granted.  Documents will be shown instantly, it will not be sent over as a file.

If visitor wishes to see it again, they have to ask again.




Your RP Number

Your RP Number is a unique code that identifies your RP Profile.
It is the driving force behind showing your documents to others in a secure and safe environment.

The RP Number allows you to show your documents instantly.  The organisation that wants to see your document must know your RP Number.

Once you share your code, only then can a request be made for your permission to view a particular document.  If you grant permission, your document will be displayed in a way that deters copying, downloading or printing your document.


XTRA Secure

This is a confidential platform.  Only registered users can visit profiles.  Only registered users will be able to engage with you.

Protect your rights

This platform is GDPR Compliant and all organisations that use this platform must follow the guidelines not to attempt to obtain a hard copy of users data as it is a violation.

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